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f you are looking for movie theaters, video arcades, amusement park rides, water skiing, speed boating, or other noisy activities, Lake Mattamuskeet is the wrong place for you to visit. There is not something for everyone at Lake Mattamuskeet. However, if you are looking for peace and quite, serene and beautiful surroundings, and unique lessons in American history, you should visit Lake Mattamuskeet. 

The lake is a special place for those who want to get back to nature and culture, to find solid roots in one of America’s best places, to travel the road less traveled, to experience what most Americans have not found. 

Lake Mattamuskeet is unique and special. It is the site of America’s most famous pump-supported land reclamation project. It has a history of being the Canada Goose Hunting capitol of the world. It is awesome in size and unsurpassed in beauty.

It is a place worth investigating and we invite you to come on down for a visit.

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